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The keep our Future Afloat Campaign publishes a number of papers booklets and pamphlets as part of the navalshipbuilding lobby. Below you will find access to PDFs' of  some of the documents so you can  download those that  may be of interest to you:

2014 Documents 

 It's the Economy, Stupid




 Unite - Navigating Excellence




 Unite - Navigating Excellence




 BAE Boiler Shop Public Information




2013 Documents 

 Successor & Astute Business Case




 KOFAC Action Plan 2013 - 2015




 Britain's Submarine Supply Chain




 Assurance Skills for Nuclear Defence




2012 Documents 

 National Security Through Technology




 Feb 2012: National Security Through Technology



2011 Documents 

 Sept 2011: 13,000 Engineers and a national supply chain are ready to build these submarines



2010 Documents

Why we Need a Strategic Nuclear Deterrent and a Fleet of Four New Boats - KOFAC Chairman Briefing, 30th September 2010




    KOFAC SDSR Report

    KOFAC Evidence to HoC Defence Select Committee - 2010

    KOFAC Strategy Booklet September 2010 - 2012 

2009 Documents

    KOFAC Strategy Booklet September 2009 

    Northwest Spend Map 1st March 2009

    Northwest Spend Map for Barrow shipyard

    BAE Suppliers Map

    Lobby Paper informing Conservative Party  Brochure - 13 February 2009

    Defence Industry NW Conference Presentations

    Defence in the North West 30 Jan 09 a guide to the importance of the industry within the region

2009 documents

    KOFAC Strategy Booklet September 2009

 2008 documents

    National Sector Conference - Shipbuilding Report 2008

    Presentation to regional trade union secretaries feb 2008

2007 documents

    Few more important subjects than our countries defence 

    Key Supplier Forum Details - March 2007

    The Industrial Impact of Abandoning the UK Nuclear Deterrent

    The Furness Economy 2007 - The Business View

    The Future of the Strategic Nuclear Deterrent

    The need for future aircraft carrier orders to sustain jobs

    Parliamentary Report by John Hutton MP

    Presentation to dti Minister Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP 12 march 2007 in London

    KOFAC House Advert Jan2007

2006 Documents

    KOFAC response to DTI our energy challenge consultation June 2006

    Presentation paper to be delivered to RtHon Margaret Hodge MP on monday 12 march 2006

Keep Our Future Afloat: The importance of the future aircraft carrier for the future stability of the UK’s naval shipbuilding industrial base - presentation paper to be delivered to RtHon Margaret Hodge MP on monday 12 march 2006

   KOFAC Action Plan 2006 Jan 2006

2005 documents

    KOFAC 2005 campaign report and 2006 Action Plan  (filesize is 9 meg)

    KOFAC Briefing Paper UK Defence Industrial Strategy 2005 

    Response by Keep Our Future Afloat Campaign to TUCs

    Defence Industrial Strategy submission to House of Commons Select Committee

    House of Commons Select Committee by KOFAC

    Notes for the Chairman’s speech on Opportunities and Challenges - Submarines

    Energy from nuclear briefing

    Nuclear Submarines - Opportunities and Challenges

    Future Surface Combatants: A Military and Industrial Challenge

    Technology Development Poster(A1 Size)


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Tel: +44 (0)1229 314100

Email: stuart@fedf.co.uk

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Keep Our Future Afloat
The Future Aircraft Carrier
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"Barrow remains an untapped source of production capability and could... play a significant role in the coming shipbuilding programme."

Source: Rand, page 153 The UK's Naval Shipbuilding Industrial Base (2005), Report to UK MoD

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